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Can the indomitable be tamed?
The name “diamonds” derives from the Greek “αδαμας” (adamas), indomitable.

Diamond has always been the most important among precious stones, a symbol of heroism, a vivid manifestation of eternal love.

It is a natural crystal of pure carbon, which Dililla, in its selection, chooses when it is devoid of any imperfection, focusing on the beauty of every single gem, their proportions, their fire and brilliance.








We choose excellence

Each diamond is evaluated with rigor and passion by a family member, following the international classification principles.


The carat is the unit of measurement of diamonds weight. Used since ancient times, it corresponds to 0,2 grams.

Different carats are suitable for various uses. Dililla offers a wide and accurate selection to fulfill every single desire.


Diamond color is determined by the genesis and the process of formation of the gem itself. The presence of different elements inside it or the influence of external forces can give it different shades and colors.

Classified according to the “Cape Series”, divided into 23 grades, the color of a diamond is evaluated according to its nuance, from perfectly colorless (D, Finest White +), rare and bright, to warm white with blonde nuances (M-Z, Cape to Yellow).

Dililla looks at the coloring of its diamonds as an identifying element of their rarity, using only D – E – F colors for its creations.


It takes billions of years for a diamond to be born and take shape.
In this long journey into the heart of the earth, the matter is subjected to very high pressures and temperatures, which give rise to minute characteristics inside the gem.

Clarity identifies the nature, size and location of these elements, influencing the path of light within the diamond.

Classified on a scale from IF (Internally Flawless), with no visible internal features, to I (Included), with visible internal features, each diamond has a fingerprint that makes it unique.

Dililla selects only the purest gems, between IF (Internally Flawless) and VVS (Very Very Slightly Included).


The diamond cutting refers to its shape, the position of the facets, their symmetry and proportion.

The rough stone is worked with art and skill to create impeccable angles and proportions to release the gem’s full potential.

The cut, classified internationally on a scale from Excellent to Poor, not only represents the quality of a diamond but influences its fire, brilliance and vitality of light.

Dililla chooses only the best cuts for its creations, made to maximize the reflection, refraction, and dispersion of light inside the gem.

What is naturally indomitable cannot be tamed. You cannot tame a feeling. A Dililla diamond gives voice to the power of emotions and makes dreams come true.