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Women's jewelry in Turin:
the new Barocco collection from Dililla Jewelry

Maison Dililla in Turin presents its Barocco collection, three series of women's jewelry that recall and pay homage to the most important architectural monuments of the Savoy city.

Women's jewelry inspired by the Baroque architecture and atmosphere of the Piedmontese capital. This is the new Baroque collection from Dililla Jewelry. Real works of art come to life, new perspectives of light create treasures that engage and excite. Purity, rigor, design and tradition are reinvented to recreate a trend that makes decorativism its highest expression. Spaces, volumes, and geometries are redesigned to give life to jewelry dedicated to women, original and timeless, reminiscent of the architecture and decorations of Turin's Baroque royal palaces. Three series, Lines, Architectures, and Decorations, draw on the style of an elegant movement of continuous experimentation.


White gold earrings tit. 750/000 with brilliant cut central diamonds, for ct. 0,30 and brilliant cut side diamonds, for ct. 0,36


Yellow gold bracelet tit. 750/000 with carré cut emeralds, for ct. 0,74, carré cut sapphires, for ct. 0,96 and carré cut rubys, for ct. 0,91


White gold earrings tit. 750/000 with brilliant cut diamonds, for ct. 0,10 and Australia baroque pearls


White gold ring tit. 750/000 with brilliant cut diamonds, for ct. 0,42, and cabochon cut sapphire, for ct. 1,17