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Pearls shine delicately and in many forms, like reflections of the night light on the seas and rivers that shape and create them. Daughters of the moonlight, lulled by the currents and shrouded in mystery, pearls are a tribute to slow time and the ancient rite of their cultivation, to the harmony of light and color.

Akoya, Australian, Tahitian and Fresh Water: each type of pearl is different and takes us back the remote places where it was born, along the Japanese coasts, in the temperate waters of the South Seas or in the sweet ones of Asia.

In the seas of Japan, Akoya pearls are cultivated, a symbol of beauty and perfection.

Characterized by a predominantly spherical shape and dimensions

between 4 and 10 mm, they have soft, suffused, and velvety colors, from white to pink.

The pearlescence shines, creating iridescent flashes on the surface, with that typical “Orient” whose nuances spread in the whiteness of the pearl itself.

Some of the most renowned pearls originate in the South Seas, between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, as unique wonders of splendor: Australian and Tahitian pearls.

Spherical and sometimes baroque, Australian pearls have colors ranging from white to silver to intense golden shades. Thanks to the considerable size, between 10 and 25 mm, they have a high thickness nacre, providing the body and volume of the shade.

Tahitian pearls, also spherical and baroque, represent the only natural pearls whose coloring passes for all shades from gray to black, with gentle and intense green, blue, red, purple, yellow, and gold tones. Between 9 and 17 mm, the dimensions allow the pearlescence to grow, trap the light inside and then return it to the surface in a unique and not comparable way.

Coming from the fresh waters of the rivers of Asia, Fresh Water pearls have always fascinated us with their colors. With shades from cream to pink, peach and violet, these pearls ranging in size from 2 to 15 mm know how to capture the light and transform it into a magical kaleidoscope.

Dililla carefully selects each pearl by evaluating its color, nuances, luster, surface appearance and thickness of the pearlescence, ensuring that only the best ones become part of its collections.

Defined by the ancient “gifts of heaven,” our desire is that only the most beautiful find in the taste, magic and sinuous lines of our creations the ideal place to give light and charm to the wearer.

Like the moon, light and mystery.