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Dante & Aurora philosophy

The jewels of Dililla Jewelry, created by Dante and Aurora Dililla, shape desires and bring dreams to life. Matter breathes, and in the most precious matter, in gold and platinum, in diamonds and stones, ideas flourish to tell each time a different story.
This is your story, now is the time to live it.



fedi nuziali gioielli Torino

Beyond their visible and known symbolic value, wedding rings contain meanings that only the hearts of those who wear them know. Dililla wedding bands retain diamonds in their contemporary profiles, challenging the most common stylistic conventions.
Because a promise is a sentiment that defies time.


The rarity of the diamond must be revered, each creation must enhance its true essence.
Dililla celebrates its beauty and perfection with a design of absolute purity. The result is unique jewels with sinuous and rigorous lines: rising stars, kaleidoscopes of dancing light in night skies, magical appearances that catch the eye and enchant.

A collection of jewelry inspired by the baroque style of the city of Turin.
A creative, precious, elegant and inexhaustible universe. Dililla interprets its spirit with a contemporary hand and declines the jewelry in three series: Lines, Architectures and Decorations.
A refined tribute to that aesthetic and cultural movement that departs from classical schemes and opens to experimentation, creates virtuosity, dilates space.


Nature is, for us, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
The polychrome and variegated natural gems meet in Dililla Jewelry creations the mastery of a skillful hand and the elegance of delicate finishes, creating sweet illusions and bewitching mirages. Each color expresses a different emotion, shining like lightning on an artist’s canvas.


The lightness of shapes, the sinuosity of lines and their becoming meet gold’s intrinsic strength and energy. This is how coils and spirals are born: bodies suspended in flight, splendid, free and ecstatic, envelop the figure of who wears them.


Symbol of femininity, emblem of the purest beauty, in mythology pearls are associated with the birth of Venus. Dililla wraps them with sweet and light shapes, enhancing the purity of the surfaces. Welcomed in the diamonds’ embrace or wrapped in gold, pearls shine in all their soft, natural light, like a perfect moon.


Light, space, the body of matter.
Lines that meet, infinite circles that touch, magical triangles.
A balance of shapes and volumes, movement and suspension, charm and audacity.
Poetry and geometry.